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TRASMISSIONI GIACOMONI joined the Novatec company since July 2007.

Novatec, with TRASMISSIONI GIACOMONI acquisition, implemented the internal production of variable speed drivers CVT, gear speed reducers, gear inverters and differential units for light vehicles field. To this day that activity is the main one in the mechanical transmission department.

Furthermore Novatec manufactures and assembles personalised axles, reducer gear boxes and differential units too.

That new organisation, thanks to its staff’s skills and experience, can guarantee to the market:

•    large manufacture and assembly capability,
•    R & D professional support,
•    specialized test department,
•    excellent post-sale support.

In any case Novatec, with CAD CAM software aid and the collaboration with the former company establisher Mr. Sergio Giacomoni, might support any customer specific request supplying all kind of different application on turnkey base.

Thanks to the previous TRASMISSIONI GIACOMONI activity, Novatec boasts a good Italian customer net: i.e. Marini S.p.A. in Ravenna, Danieli in Udine, Grecav in Gonzaga, De Franceschi in Bolzano assembled the TRASMISSIONI GIACOMONI components on their vehicles.

The company is present in the export market in particular in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Israel and U.S.A.; the expansion of the export market is to day one of the most important company purpose along with the product upgrading.

TRANSMISSIONI GIACOMONI from 03.09.2007 is a branch of the activities

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