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Trasmissioni Giacomoni mechanical transmissions are used for a large range of two and four-wheeled driving vehicles.
The Novatec-Giacomoni company has got the best solutions for personal electric motor cars as far as for small Sport Utility Vehicles!

The mix, with extremely advanced engineering technologies and cutting edge manufacturing operations to reach the highest quality level, is able to satisfy the most exigent O.E.M. too.



From mobile chairs to agricultural devices, from mini cars to small Sport Utility Vehicles, the Novatec-Giacomoni company may support you with the more suitable solution: from 1972 an engineering and successful long story at your disposal.



The component evolution, as requested by the market, takes an effective answer by Novatec-Giacomoni engineers, they in fact mix the most advanced technologies with an ultra thirty-year experience.
The result is a large mechanical transmission range, both standard and/or customised ones, able to satisfy the most exigent prospects too.


The need to be differentiated by the competition or, more simply, the requirements derived from the more and more complex customisation requested by the market, are the reasons for which the mechanical transmission of any different vehicle must be developed with the whole vehicle itself and not to be adapted on it.

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